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We are Susanne and Stephan Timbers. We make ceramics with enthusiasm, curiosity and fascination for the material and its properties. We admire porcelain for its purity and shimmering light. Stoneware clay fascinates us with its robustness and feel. Engobes, glazes, casting and carving techniques, nerikomi, raku, hand construction and figurative modeling offer us an endless field of experimentation. We manufacture our ceramics as individual pieces or in small series.

We let ourselves be charmed by each work that comes out of the kiln successfully and humbly accept the small defeats when the gods of earth, water and fire once again take their toll.

We are happy to share our experiences and the results of our work with you. If you would like to visit our small studio in Basel, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your visit!

Telephone: +41 (0)61 321 18 25

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